Life And Other Distractions

Although I sporadically get around to writing a travel post or two, it’s been a while since my last general update on The State Of The Union in Adventurestan and a lot has changed in the intervening period  (we all love change, don’t we?). I’m feeling the urge to document what’s been going on. So, in the interests of striking whilst the iron’s hot, and in no particular order, here we go…

First, the moany bit. The Boy Wonder is acting up just now. It’s a long and sorry tale but the upshot is he’s not coming over at the moment. Everyone has advice on what’s to be done and it gets a bit wearing to be honest. I just want to run away and hide from it all, but that’s just not an option so a path needs to be found.

That’s the whining done. Still with me? Good.

Mrs A has arranged for us to go to an 80s festival next weekend. We’re camping and have acquired a tent that would probably accommodate the stage if the weather’s a bit off (as opposed to the one I use for wild camping which is essentially a bin bag with sticks). I’m looking forward to it hugely, because it involves 5 of my favourite things:

  • Mrs A
  • Being outside
  • Camping
  • Music
  • Some beer

In that order.

In the wacky world of paid employment things have shuffled around again. The full time job that I had as a purchasing manager got aced by an offer from a company I did some consultancy work for a couple of years ago, so I handed in my notice and set sail in my own ship again…the gig has its moments of high drama, being staffed mainly by eccentric engineers, but it’s mostly fun and might develop into something else good. If not, well, I’ll have the wind at my back and see where I go.

The fire service is still keeping me entertained. I recently passed another stage review and am now properly operational on jobs. We’ve had callouts ranging from tragic to bizarre (including my first cat rescue. Yes, I’m very proud of that one and I think Fireman Sam would be proud of me too). Best of all, it looks like I’m going to get the chance to learn to drive a Fire Engine under blue lights. This makes me giddy with excitement. I’ve now got a Category C provisional on my licence and, in line with the hurry-up-and-wait way of things in the service, I will get behind the wheel in due course. I stand ready and able to scare the bajeesus out of on-board firefighters and other road users alike.

And on the subject of terrified other road users, I have become a biker again. I bought a very elderly sportsbike which felt like it was trying to kill me at the first opportunity, so it was quickly superseded by a big offroad bike that suits me plenty fine thankyou (less BHP and more torque, for those of you that are fluent in gibberish, like myself). The bike’s previous owner had ridden the thing through a good proportion of Africa. The most I have managed so far is some green lanes and sleeping under a tarp in a field near Banbury, but it’s a start….



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