Last week was quite a week.

It all started sanely enough on Monday at 6am, after my first (sort of*) weekend off since January. I headed off to the office and was home again around 6.45pm. I made dinner for Mrs A and I, we ate together, watched TV for a couple of hours, before going to bed and sleeping the sleep of the just until 6am the following morning.

Tuesday started in the same vein as Monday; a 6am start but with a later return home due to TBWs parents evening (he’s still doing very well). I usually take him swimming on a Tuesday night so getting home at 7pm, although later than the previous evening, was actually reasonably early for a Tuesday. I cooked dinner and was just about to dish up when my alerter went off…

This was when my week got a bit busy (and my dinner got a bit cold).

There was a major RTC involving lorries and trapped people that meant I wasn’t back home to eat my reheated dinner until around 11pm. I got to bed around midnight and slept.

Wednesday Morning started at 6am (spotting the pattern yet?), a day in the office until 6pm, a run down the motorway to the fire station for drill night (quite a strenuous one, involving dragging 70kg dummies around the station), a bite to eat and then home for 11pm and straight to bed, knackered.

My alerter went off at 1am for a reported caravan fire. The callout ended up involving the police, several horses wandering about on one of the main roads into our town, a stroll around a traveller’s site in the dead of night, a hundred barking dogs, but no fire. I went home to bed around 3am, even more knackered.

At 3:50am (just after having got back to sleep) my alerter went off again. This time it was a person not breathing and trapped in a house. I spent an hour or so trying to reassure an old lady that her husband was getting the best care possible before coming home and getting into bed again at 5:30am, more knackered still.

Thursday Morning started at 6am. I drove into work mostly on autopilot, spent the day doing office type stuff, before  finishing around 6pm, driving back down the motorway for another drill night (running up and down ladders with hose this time), and finally getting home for dinner around 9.30pm. I Cooked and ate dinner and slept like a log until 6am on Friday, which was just a day in the office and no major drama.

But other than that, fairly quiet really….


* – I had to work for an couple of hours on Saturday morning…


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